Saturday, October 26, 2013


Bangalore is  ranked as the hottest business destination in the country leaving
behind Mumbai & Chennai according to study conducted by Global Initiative for
Restructuring   Environment & Management (GIREM- a non profit organisation)
and DTZ global leader in property services.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The  public has the right to life and hence the Food  Safety & Standards Authority of India should make periodic checks of all manufacuring facilities of carbonated
soft drinks says the Country's highest court,the Supreme Court.

Well known nutrionist Dr.Ishi Khosla,says,"colas have destructive effect on one's 
health essentially because of the high sugar content.Each 330 ml of a serving of
Cola contains about eight to nine teaspoons of sugar,a primary cause of Obesity
among children and adult alike.Besides, the calories in Colas are all empty calories
and provide no nutrition but only chemicals.".

'"The caffeine content in colas  though minimal,also makes them addictive".says
Dr.Sunita Roy Choudhary of Rockland Hospital.

Courtesy:Yahoo News India.


Friday, October 18, 2013

    RBI-Foreign Bank's Policy.

Mr.Raghuram G Rajan,RBI Governor said, RBI will soon come out with  a new
policy  for entry of  foreign banks that may even allow them to take over small
Indian banks. This move is not a good move as we are opening a big financial
market to foreign banks.As we know foreign banks are interested in only retail
credit and credit cards. They may not be willing to  operate in remote rural 
areas like State bank of India and public sector banks.If at all RBI wants to
open up & allow new foreign banks into the country, they may stipulate the
same conditions as they have set for new banks entry whose applications are
still pending with RBI.Foreign banks with their large capital base may swallow
few small banks which are prone and whose capital base is small.Once they take
over such small banks,they may close unviable branches and would like to operate
only in Tier  I and Tier II cities as they are interested only in their bottomline.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


National and international players in the coffee industry including policy makers,industry captains,exporters,manufacturers and 
world leaders in the coffee industry will be participating in the  IICF.The Theme of the conference will be " THE CHANGING FACE OF COFFEE".The conference will be 
addressed by 40 global experts covering marketing & production trends.Workshops
on processing, roasting and brewing will be held by leading global companies like
Pinhalense,Probat,Buhler,Bunn O Matic,Marco & Kaapi machines.The highlights of  
this five day event will be Coffee Awards,Coffee trail,Barista championship,Coffee Quiz and Lauch pad.

The event was addressed by Mr.K.J.George,Minister for Home,Government of karnataka,Mr.S.V.Ranganath,Chief secretary,Govt.of karnataka,Mr.Jawaid Akhtar,
Chairman,Coffee Board,Mr.Hameed Huq,M.D,Tata Coffee,Mr.Anil kumar Bhandari,
President,India Coffee Trust, Mr.sahadev Balakrishna-Trustee,India Coffee Trust.

About the coffee industry:The total production of Coffee in the country last year
was 3,18,000 M.T.This year production target is 3,47,00 M.T. The country is exporting 70% of its production.The domestic consumtion though low is growing at 
5 to 6% .The per capita consumption of coffee is just 90 gms.The country has to increase the domestic consumption.

The Coffee industry faces many problems  which includes shortage of skilled 
man power and the attacks from the pests like White stem Borer 
Black Twig Borer ,Coffee Borer Beetle etc.Hence, there is an urgent need to address these problems.Further, there is also need to brand Indian Coffee and also expand the area of cultivation.  .

Monday, October 7, 2013

                                                                   RAHUL'S COMMENT ON ORDINANCE.

I have observed Mr.Rahul Gandhi as a sober person who normally does not get
provoked But I was shocked to see him in the Press conference using strong words 
like 'nonsense'and saying that the ordinance should be torn. The ordinance is 
approved in the cabinet sent to the President for signature and two senior  
ministers in the cabinet has gone to the President to convince him about the purpose of the ordinance. At this juncture,calling the ordinance as nonsense does 
not make  sense.Afterall, he is the senior functionary of the Congress Party and his views are respected not only within the Congress party but also in the government.

He should have voiced his opinion in the congress party's forum which  would have  
stopped the ordinance.Ofcourse, the ordinance is flawed and the public sentiment 
is against such Ordinance.

Even his father, late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was also a sober person and ever smiling.He 
too once got irritated and said in a Press conference to a question of a journalist 
that 'you will be discussing with  new foreign secretary'.By this statement,he  
almost sacked the senior foreign service bureaucrat Mr.A.P.Venkateshwaran,who 
was the Foreign Secretary then.This ended the distinguished career of Mr.A.P.Venkateshwaran. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

                                                                      INDIAN SECULARISM.

Indian secularism should be a model to the world.We as Indians are secular in our 
thought  & action. India never attacked any country for any reason,though it was
attacked  for centuries. India has seen the invasion of Moghuls,Greek,Portuguese,
French,Dutch & the British. Many foreigners ruled this country for centuries and 
even some looted and plundered this country of its wealth. India called as Bharath 
earlier was following the Sanatana Dharma, a mantra  for harmonious living. India
is a great country with rich culture & traditions which attracted many towards
it.India has nurtured many religions,and also given birth to many religions.Hence,
nobody need to be worried whether India will become a communal country. India 
can never become a country which hates any religion.My appeal to politicians of   
every hue and colour not to talk of religion or talk of majority or minority in their   
election speeches.Let us talk of development, Industrial growth,infrastructure  
growth,employment to all and above all peace.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mr.M.C.R.Shetty-President (centre) Mr.Naveen-Treasurer(Left) Dr.V.S.Punja-(Right)

Addressing the media Mr.MCR Shetty,President KPFBA said that the members are facing few problems which includes law & order and requested the authorities to address them.He said though the poultry farming is an agricultural activity,the Panchayats are insisting the poultry farmers to obtain licenses.The association has requested the government to remove APMC cess and also treat poultry farming on par with agriculture.

Mr.Shetty said, 'there are instances of some people attacking the farms and employees and damaging the poultry farm properties".He requested the authorities to immediately address these problems. The Association is also planning to stage a rally in Bangalore palace grounds on october 26th,2013 to draw the attention of the government to various problems faced by the members of the association.About 20,000 farmers from across the state of Karnataka are expected to participate in the rally.