Wednesday, September 11, 2013

                                                PRIME MINISTERIAL CANDIDATES
                                                         OF CONGRESS & BJP.

There is a big churning going on in BJP about the Prime  Ministerial candidacy
of Narendra Modi.Why there should be a hurry in declaring the Prime Ministerial
candidate of any party when the elections are 9 months away. Let us take the case
of Congress,the PM has said that he is prepared to work under Rahul Gandhi, the
Home Minister  says that Rahul Gandhi is the PM candidate  & few other senior
members in the Congress have also echoed the same...Then what is holding the Congress Party in announcing their PM candidate?.As one who has observed the functioning of the Congress party for the last 45 years,  one can safely assume that they are waiting for BJP to announce their PM candidate.

The elections to 2014 should be only on Good Governance,Inflation,Price
rise,corruption institutional misuse and clear vision of future. Between Rahul  
 Gandhi and Narendra Modi, the latter  scores few extra points like  experience, ,
vision, from the grass roots,not from  political family  and above all proven  performance.
Whereas Rahul Gandhi is yet to prove himself. On several occassions,the PM has 
asked him to join the cabinet but he has refused. He is yet to get the nuances of 
governing the country, which means handling the domestic problems,Finance, Economy,Diplomacy, and various other pressing problems facing the country.
The whole Congress party will be looking upon him to provide the leadership
 when he is appointed as PM. Will he deliver?.



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