Sunday, September 15, 2013


Armstrong Pame is a 2009 batch Indian Administrative Service officer and first 
from the Zeme tribe of Nagaland.  He is an  alumnus from St.Stephen's College,New Delhi.

He was recently invited by Facebook at the Headquarters in California to share with them how 
he used the social media site  to raise funds for a noble project like the "People's Road".

What he did? : He built a 100 kms long   road  in a remote part of  Manipur without government help.The 'People's Road" with people's help ,connects his district with rest of the state  & further to Nagaland and Assam.He raised most of the funds for the project through Facebook and was given the name 'Miracle Man' by the villagers.
"It is very sad many of us are yet to discover  the north eastern part of India .After having been to every state of India  people often refuse to believe that I am an Indian" says Armstrong Pame.

Let us visit every part of North eastern India and meet our brothers & sisters.

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