Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Prime Minister's reply on the captioned subject is not convincing to 
the people of India.Earlier the PM said that he takes full responssibility and
today he says he is not the custodian of files.The PM is an honourable man,
an eminent economist  and a man with impeccable integrity.The people of
India expect the Prime Minister to be more articulate and  reply to the 
points raised by the opposition. Afterall, the Members of parliament in the
opposition also represent the people of this country as the ruling party.If
the opposition parties does not force or get a convincing reply from the PM,
who is the head of the government, the people will not forgive them.

The fact is that the case is monitored by the  Supreme court,and the CBI is
 not able to file or proceed without the relevant files which are missing.The
Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Mr.Arun Jaitley says that the files do not
disappear, but made to disappear. The PM has not replied to this charge.

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