Thursday, September 5, 2013


There are reports that China has occupied 640 Sq. Kms of Indian territory.
It is based on a report submitted by Mr.Shyam Charan of National Security
Advisory Board who recently visited  the forward areas on the advise of our
Prime Minister. But still,the government does not seem to be taking the issue
seriously and they are still under the impression that China will not attack
India. This government should draw some lessons from 1962 war.The then
Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and the then defence Minister Mr.V.K.Krishna
Menon strongly believed in Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai and Panch Sheel but
Chinese had different plans.

 Some Media reports:
As per the diary of Mr.G.Parthasarathy,(GP),India's ambassador to China in
1958,Mr.Nehru,the then Prime Minister did not trust China despite the Panch
Sheel agreement.Also the entries quote Mr.Nehru saying to Mr.GP "they have
deliberately chosen to be anti India and therefore to be extremely vigilant about
all Chinese intentions,Policies and actions  towards us".

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