Friday, September 27, 2013


                                              WITHDRAW THE ORDINANCE.

The government's move to promulgate an ordinance to counter supreme 
Court's judgement which disqualifies the lawmakers convicted of criminal 
offence punishable with jail term of over  two years is not the right move.To 
quote Mr.Milind Deora ,young minister "this ordinance will endanger the
already eroding public faith in democracy'. 

The government should always  be seen to be doing the correct thing but this
ordinance will prove otherwise.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mr.J.S.Srinivasn,VP Sales, during the launch

TVS Jupiter  has " Pass by Switch' and  an under seat "Mobile Charger"which is unique for this brand and introduced for the first time. 

TVS Scooters has about 15 % share in the scooter market share in the country.The cost of the TVS Jupiter is Rs.48,712/- ex show room in karnataka.

Friday, September 20, 2013


Illicit Financial Outflows cost developing World $859 Billion in 2010.
Nearly $6 Trillion stolen from poor countries  in decade between 2001-2010.

As per Study of Dev Kar(GFI lead economist) & Sarah Freitas (GFI economist),
India ranks 8th position in the magnitude of illicit outflows.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Armstrong Pame is a 2009 batch Indian Administrative Service officer and first 
from the Zeme tribe of Nagaland.  He is an  alumnus from St.Stephen's College,New Delhi.

He was recently invited by Facebook at the Headquarters in California to share with them how 
he used the social media site  to raise funds for a noble project like the "People's Road".

What he did? : He built a 100 kms long   road  in a remote part of  Manipur without government help.The 'People's Road" with people's help ,connects his district with rest of the state  & further to Nagaland and Assam.He raised most of the funds for the project through Facebook and was given the name 'Miracle Man' by the villagers.
"It is very sad many of us are yet to discover  the north eastern part of India .After having been to every state of India  people often refuse to believe that I am an Indian" says Armstrong Pame.

Let us visit every part of North eastern India and meet our brothers & sisters.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Speaking on the occassion,Dr.Vivek Javali, Chief Cardiothoracic
surgeon,said,' Heart diseases account for over 80% of deaths in India. Almost 50% of these deaths are due to dearth of immediate care within the first hour of cardiac emergency.Such eventualities can be avoided with appropriate awareness and timely care.Therefore,we have taken the responssibility of spreading the awareness through the public education program'

The book is meant for public to understand early symptoms of heart attack,myths associated and how symptoms go unnoticed,risk factors,treatment options and few real life stories of heart attack survivors.

The information booklet and the Heart attack Exit Plan is available at various Fortis Hospitals located in the city (Bannerghatta road,Cunningham road,Seshadripuram,Rajajinagar & Nagarbhavi).The book can also be downloaded from


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

                                                PRIME MINISTERIAL CANDIDATES
                                                         OF CONGRESS & BJP.

There is a big churning going on in BJP about the Prime  Ministerial candidacy
of Narendra Modi.Why there should be a hurry in declaring the Prime Ministerial
candidate of any party when the elections are 9 months away. Let us take the case
of Congress,the PM has said that he is prepared to work under Rahul Gandhi, the
Home Minister  says that Rahul Gandhi is the PM candidate  & few other senior
members in the Congress have also echoed the same...Then what is holding the Congress Party in announcing their PM candidate?.As one who has observed the functioning of the Congress party for the last 45 years,  one can safely assume that they are waiting for BJP to announce their PM candidate.

The elections to 2014 should be only on Good Governance,Inflation,Price
rise,corruption institutional misuse and clear vision of future. Between Rahul  
 Gandhi and Narendra Modi, the latter  scores few extra points like  experience, ,
vision, from the grass roots,not from  political family  and above all proven  performance.
Whereas Rahul Gandhi is yet to prove himself. On several occassions,the PM has 
asked him to join the cabinet but he has refused. He is yet to get the nuances of 
governing the country, which means handling the domestic problems,Finance, Economy,Diplomacy, and various other pressing problems facing the country.
The whole Congress party will be looking upon him to provide the leadership
 when he is appointed as PM. Will he deliver?.


Monday, September 9, 2013

                                                                OIL IMPORT BILL

United States of America is reported to be seriously considering taking action
against Syria for their alleged use of chemical weapons. This may have a great
impact on the price of oil.There are speculations that the oil price may go upto
$150.This is the time for the government of India to seriously think of investing
in exploration of oil and gas. As our import bill for the oil import is soaring,
the need of the hour is to find new alternate energy sources. As we have a huge
reserves of coal,methanol can be produced even from coal,it can be one such
alternative.Next is the use of Ethanol  as we are also a large sugarcane 
producing country.As a national policy,Brazil blends oil with sugarcane 
based alcohol i.e ethanol fuel blend between 20-25%(ethanol) based on
sugarcane harvest. According to some reports 80% of the cars in Brazil can
run on blended fuel making the country as the second largest producer of
ethanol. India can also seriously think of oil import from Brazil instead of
totally depending on the countries in the Middle East.

Mr.Krishna Byre Gowda,Minister for agriculture,Government of karnataka expressed his concern about the declining growth of agriculture and manufacturing sectors in GDP.He also expressed his concern about the concentration of industry and manufacturing sector in and around Bangalore.He urged industry to identify strategic advantage of various parts of the state and leverage the same.
 FDI inflows -April 2012 to March,2013.
The FDI inflows to Bangalore is only $1023 million when compared to Chennai 
($2807 million),Mumbai ($8716 million), & New Delhi ($3222 million) and Karnataka
ranked 4th in the country in terms of total FDI inflows.

Earlier, welcoming the delegates to the manufacturing summit,Mr.J.Crasta,
Co Chairman,ASSOCHAM,Southern Regional Council,presented the picture  
of the present condition of the manufacturing sector in Karnataka and Bangalore   
in particular. He advised the government to take pro active steps to provide fillip to the manufacturing sector in Karnataka.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


There are reports that China has occupied 640 Sq. Kms of Indian territory.
It is based on a report submitted by Mr.Shyam Charan of National Security
Advisory Board who recently visited  the forward areas on the advise of our
Prime Minister. But still,the government does not seem to be taking the issue
seriously and they are still under the impression that China will not attack
India. This government should draw some lessons from 1962 war.The then
Prime Minister Pandit Nehru and the then defence Minister Mr.V.K.Krishna
Menon strongly believed in Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai and Panch Sheel but
Chinese had different plans.

 Some Media reports:
As per the diary of Mr.G.Parthasarathy,(GP),India's ambassador to China in
1958,Mr.Nehru,the then Prime Minister did not trust China despite the Panch
Sheel agreement.Also the entries quote Mr.Nehru saying to Mr.GP "they have
deliberately chosen to be anti India and therefore to be extremely vigilant about
all Chinese intentions,Policies and actions  towards us".

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Prime Minister's reply on the captioned subject is not convincing to 
the people of India.Earlier the PM said that he takes full responssibility and
today he says he is not the custodian of files.The PM is an honourable man,
an eminent economist  and a man with impeccable integrity.The people of
India expect the Prime Minister to be more articulate and  reply to the 
points raised by the opposition. Afterall, the Members of parliament in the
opposition also represent the people of this country as the ruling party.If
the opposition parties does not force or get a convincing reply from the PM,
who is the head of the government, the people will not forgive them.

The fact is that the case is monitored by the  Supreme court,and the CBI is
 not able to file or proceed without the relevant files which are missing.The
Opposition leader in Rajya Sabha Mr.Arun Jaitley says that the files do not
disappear, but made to disappear. The PM has not replied to this charge.

Monday, September 2, 2013

                                                              RATION PETROL

Mr.Veerappa Moily's suggestion to close petrol pumps between 08 in the night to
next day morning 08 is not practicable.It will cause more problems for the
people as there will be huge crowds at the petrol pumps in the evening and
also next day morning. People who are going to work in the morning will
be put to lot of hardship. As rupee has weakened and the oil import is causing
a drain on our foreign exchange reserves, it will be better,if the petrol is
rationed to reduce the petrol consumption.If anybody wants more petrol,they
have to shell out at commercial rates which should be fixed by the oil companies.
we wish the government thinks on these lines instead of closing petrol pumps
in the night.