Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Food Security Bill, a pet project of Congress party may be a game changer
which may win votes,but may not achieve the goals intended.Because,the
scheme is not well planned,adequate funds not provided and may clash with
many schemes every state already has.The country NEEDS food security to feed
the billion people of which majority are poor.But where is the procurement 
policy,where to store the food grains without being spoilt,what about the 
distribution network and above all where is the money as there is no budgetary
provision. Everyone knows that the ration shops are poorly managed and the
quality of food grains distributed are not upto the mark.Hence, before embarking
on this massive project, much ground work should be done to plug all the 
deficiencies in the system to ensure proper procurement,storage, distribution,
quality and aboveall,the cooperation of the states to make it a success.

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