Sunday, August 4, 2013


                                                  UPA CHAIRPERSON'S LETTER TO PM

UPA Chairperson & Cogress President Ms.Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to
Prime Minister to look into the matter of Ms.Durga Shakthi Nagpal IAS 
Who was suspended by UP government.It is a good gesture. She should
have written  similar letters to the Haryana government when Mr.Ashok
Khemka was transferred  and also to the Rajasthan government when
Mr.Pankaj Chowdhury IPS  was transferred.All the three cases are 
similar as they have taken the political heavyweights.

I wish Ms. Sonia Gandhi takes up all the three cases and allow the
bureaucrats to discharge their duties without fear  and instil
confidence in them.

Mrs.Kamala Srinivasan,Dy.Editor & International Sportsperson.

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