Sunday, August 4, 2013


                                            AMENDMENT TO HINDU MARRIAGE ACT.

The Union cabinet approved changes in the marriage law Amendment Bill,
based on recommendations of Group of Ministers(GOM).It seems the Cabinet
has also approved GOM proposal to provide sufficient compensation to woman
from her husband's ancestral property in case of a divorce in addition to the share
in the husband's self acquired property.Hence, a new clause 13(f) is included in
the proposed Bill.

If the amendments are carried out, it will have far reaching consequences in the
Hindu society.It is fair, for a woman to seek compensation from her husband's 
self acquired property in case of divorce,provided she is in poor financial position
after divorce.In case,the woman already has a good employment with good salary
and also has a share in the property of her family (her parents),there is no reason
why the woman should be entitled to share of the ancestral property of her husband?
If any law has to be enacted,it should be fair to all sections of society irrespective of 
caste & gender.

Mrs.Kamala Srinivasan-Dy.Editor, International Sportsperson.



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