Saturday, August 31, 2013


                                                                                        - Says Digvijaya Singh

He is right. It is only Sanatana Dharma.Nowhere in any of our Upanishads,Vedas
or in any of our Holy scriptures,there is any mention of Hindu religion.Sanatana
Dharma is a way of life and one who practices, can never be communal.

Hence Sanatana is eternal and Dharma is harmonious way of living with
righteousness,compassion and truth. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


                                  RUPEE WEAKENING -GOVERNMENT CLUELESS.

Even Today,the rupee has breached Rs.68/- against the dollar.The government is 
busy in doing some tinkering here and there to show to the people of India that
they are serious in strengthening the rupee.The irony is that our country has the
best of the brains in Economics (our PM ),the experienced Finance Minister  and
the Deputy Chairman of Planning commission,Dr.Montek Singh Ahluwalia,still
they are not able to stop the weakening of the rupee.Rupee is at weakest level ever
and there seems to be no signals of rupee strengthening in the near future. 

The rupee has lost 20% of its value this year and rated as one of the worst
performing currencies. Even some Latin American Currencies have lost against the
dollar.There is an inherent fear of  the widening  current account deficit.A jump in 
oil prices in the wake of the fears about military action against Syria by US and and 
its allies have complicated the situation.India imports 80% of its oil requirements 
and any increase in oil prices will fuel inflation and widen the current account deficit.
The uncontrolled gold imports earlier was also a factor in increasing the current 
account deficit.However,now the government has increased  duty on import of gold which should have been done earlier.

Friday, August 23, 2013


                                                    HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?.

India is a rich country but the wealth of the country is in the hands of few
who are not that charitable enough as few of the people whose names are 
given below who shares their majority of wealth with the needy and who needs

Warren Buffet: He said in his letter to the Gates Foundation,"I want to give
my kids just enough so that they may feel that they could do anything,but not

so much that they would feel like doing nothing".He has pledged to give away 99% of his   wealth.He has promised to give 83% of his wealth to the Gates foundation.
- Fortune Magazine.

Famous Actor,Jackie Chan,about leaving his wealth to his son Jaycee.
"If he is capable he can make his own money.If he is not,then he will
just be wasting my money".

Bill Gates: " I knew I didn't think it was a good idea to give money to my
kids.That wouldn't be good either for my kids or society".-The Sun in 2010.

E-Bay Founder,Pierre Omidyar : Donates his majority of money to those 
less fortunate,instead of to his three children'.-Forbes magazine.

We as Indians have got few lessons to learn from these eminent people
to make our Indian society,irrespective of caste,colour, & Language to
be more happy and equitable.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Food Security Bill, a pet project of Congress party may be a game changer
which may win votes,but may not achieve the goals intended.Because,the
scheme is not well planned,adequate funds not provided and may clash with
many schemes every state already has.The country NEEDS food security to feed
the billion people of which majority are poor.But where is the procurement 
policy,where to store the food grains without being spoilt,what about the 
distribution network and above all where is the money as there is no budgetary
provision. Everyone knows that the ration shops are poorly managed and the
quality of food grains distributed are not upto the mark.Hence, before embarking
on this massive project, much ground work should be done to plug all the 
deficiencies in the system to ensure proper procurement,storage, distribution,
quality and aboveall,the cooperation of the states to make it a success.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


The timing of the decision to form Telengana appears to be more
political as the elections are just 9 months away.Mr.Digvijaya Singh,
General secretary of Congress  rightly reminded  Mr.Rao of TRS
about his promise to merge with the Congress party once the
decision to form Telengana is announced.Ofcourse,the demand for
separate Telengana was there for many decades so also the demand
for separate states like Vidharbha,Gorkhaland etc.The decision to
form separate Telengana  has triggerred and activated the demand 
for more smaller states.

What the government should have done is to appoint a States
Reorganisation Committee consisting of eminent people with
time bound term to consider requests of various states and then
present the committee's recommendations  to  Parliament for
discussion and take it further for action.

                                                  UPA CHAIRPERSON'S LETTER TO PM

UPA Chairperson & Cogress President Ms.Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to
Prime Minister to look into the matter of Ms.Durga Shakthi Nagpal IAS 
Who was suspended by UP government.It is a good gesture. She should
have written  similar letters to the Haryana government when Mr.Ashok
Khemka was transferred  and also to the Rajasthan government when
Mr.Pankaj Chowdhury IPS  was transferred.All the three cases are 
similar as they have taken the political heavyweights.

I wish Ms. Sonia Gandhi takes up all the three cases and allow the
bureaucrats to discharge their duties without fear  and instil
confidence in them.

Mrs.Kamala Srinivasan,Dy.Editor & International Sportsperson.

                                            AMENDMENT TO HINDU MARRIAGE ACT.

The Union cabinet approved changes in the marriage law Amendment Bill,
based on recommendations of Group of Ministers(GOM).It seems the Cabinet
has also approved GOM proposal to provide sufficient compensation to woman
from her husband's ancestral property in case of a divorce in addition to the share
in the husband's self acquired property.Hence, a new clause 13(f) is included in
the proposed Bill.

If the amendments are carried out, it will have far reaching consequences in the
Hindu society.It is fair, for a woman to seek compensation from her husband's 
self acquired property in case of divorce,provided she is in poor financial position
after divorce.In case,the woman already has a good employment with good salary
and also has a share in the property of her family (her parents),there is no reason
why the woman should be entitled to share of the ancestral property of her husband?
If any law has to be enacted,it should be fair to all sections of society irrespective of 
caste & gender.

Mrs.Kamala Srinivasan-Dy.Editor, International Sportsperson.



Friday, August 2, 2013

Independent Tariff Body For Indian Railways ?.

Indian Railways carries 23 million people daily. But the financial health of 
the railways is not sound.Hence, there is a move to set up an Independent
Tariff Authority,Rail Tariff Regulatory Authority to delink passenger fares
from the political considerations.