Monday, July 29, 2013


Diwank Singh Tomar  joined 19 other young & 
exceptional youngsters from around the world to 
become a Thiel fellow.The Thiel foundation's 
fellowship comes with a cheque of $1,00,000 and
access to some of the greatest mentors of our times.
The legendary Peter Thiel  is the PayPal  co founder
and Facebook's first investor.

Tomer is now working on a platform to create interactive 
lessons in basic sciences in the Silicon Valley.

This must give few lessons to our framers of education policy to identify
talent at a very young age,nurture them,fund them and mentor them to
to give their best in the area of pure Sciences & Technology. Our country
 has huge potential to create our own Silicon Valleys and we can be the
best provider of technology to the new era of technology.

Courtesy:Yahoo India-Specials.

Thursday, July 25, 2013



 One of the Congress members of Parliament said that one can have a meal at
Rs.12/- Many people are angry with this statement as it is far away from reality. 
To his defence, I say that a good vegetarian Thali is available for Rs.12.50 in the
Parliament canteen as it is subsidised out of tax payer's money.Following are the 
price of various items available in the Parliament canteen:

                                                       1.Tea        : Re 1/-
                                                       2. Dosa     : Rs 4/-
                                                       3. Non.Veg Thali  : Rs.22/-
                                                       4. Veg.Pulao         :  Rs.8/-
                                                       5.  Fruit salad       : Rs. 7/-
The people of the particular M.P's constituency should understand how much
their representative is cut off from the reality.


Friday, July 19, 2013


                                                            THE NEW QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT.

Just a day after the UPA government led by Dr.Manmohan Singh  government
announced measures to boost FDI investments into India, the global  steel giants 
Arcelor Mittal and Posco announced their exit from India.

Arcelor Mittal led by an Indian Mr.L.N.Mittal announced that they will be pulling
out of India, investments to the tune of Rs.50,000 crores ($ 10 billions) .The Arcelor
Mittal planned to set up a steel project in Odisha.The reason given is delay in
acquiring land and iron ore linkages.

POSCO wanted to set up a steel mill project in Karnataka with an investment of 
Rs.35,592 crores($5.3billions) but pulled out due to delays in iron ore mining rights
and land acquisition problems.

Hence,totally the country lost investments of more than Rs.80,000 crores
($16 billions)due to lack of clarity in the policy.Added to the worry is that the 
FII's pulled out Rs.44,162 crores ($7.5 billions) from the Indian Capital 
Markets in June.

Is BRICS (Brazil,Russia,India,China & S.Africa) losing shine and MINT (Mexico,
Indonesia,Nigeria & Turkey) emerging as new investment destinations?. 

Friday, July 12, 2013


Reserve bank Governor Mr.D.Subba Rao said,it is difficult to estimate when the situation will improve. Ofcourse,the weakening of rupee is also due to some global factors,but Indian factors outweigh more than global factors.

If we trace the value of rupee vis-a-vis US dollar,from 1947 till date, the rupee has steadily declined. The value of rupee(INR) vis-a-vis US dollar(USD) is as follows:
                                                               on 15th August 1947,1 USD = 1 INR.
                                                               In 1966                        1USD = 7 INR.
                                                               In 1970                        1 USD = 7.47 INR.
                                                               In 1975                        1 USD = 8.41 INR.
                                                               In 1985                        1 USD = 12.36 INR
                                                               In 1990                        1 USD = 17.50 INR.
                                                               In late 90's                  1 USD = 24.58 INR.
Now,1 USD is equivalent to Rs.60.00 and it crossed Rs.61 last week. Let us wait for  
the day when 1 USD will be equivalent to 1 INR .Will the wait be an eternal wait ?.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mr.Bikky Khosla addressing the Media. a B2 B market place launches to help mid & large sized companies to  

appoint distributors and boost their sales. Mr. Bikky Khosla ,Founder & CEO said "the website  will be an ideal search based online platform  for companies & individuals who are looking forward to expand their business by appointing or becoming distributors,franchisees or a sales agents in India or in abroad".

The website will also provide a section ASK THE EXPERTS where a member can post questions 
about distributors,Franchisees &  sales agent  and in return they will get  answers in detail from an expert.