Monday, June 10, 2013


                                                                        BJP'S CRISIS.

The patriarch of BJP  Mr.L.K.Advani' s resignation from all the posts in BJP  
is of course a serious concern within the party.The differences within the party 
is part of internal democracy of the party. Maybe, the differences which were
there are now come to surface.This happens in every political party.I remember 
in 1969,the Congress party faced the similar situation when Mr. Neelam Sanjiva
Reddy was to be nominated as Candidate for President's post from the Congress. Mr.Nijalingappa was the Congress President.Mrs.Indira Gandhi was 
the Prime Minister then and she felt she was not consulted.The Congress divided
in the AICC session held in Lal Bagh in Bangalore and Two Congresses emerged,
i.e.Congress(O) & Congress (R).,Organisation & Ruling.The symbol of  the
Congress then was Cow & Calf and later Congress became Congress(I).Many people 
left congress party formed their own Congress like Late Mr. Jagjivan Ram forming
Congress for Democracy,Mr.H.N.Bahaguna  forming his own party,Mr.Sharad Pawar
& Mr.Sangma forming the NCP.Earlier,in 1967,Mr. Charan Singh also left the
Congress party.Mr.G.K.Moopanar & Mr.Chidambaram,present Finance Minister left  Congress & started Tamil Manila Congress. Ms.Mamata Banerjee left Congress  & started TMC.  After all this churning in the Congress party,the Congress party has 
emerged Stronger.This type of churning took place even in Communist party which 
is a strong cadre based party.Hence, what is happening in BJP is a big churning 
and what emerges after this may be good for the country as it happened to the 
Congress party.Let us wait and watch.