Tuesday, May 7, 2013


                                                               LACK OF MORALITY IN POLITICS.

The Indian politics today has come to such low level,I am afraid where we will go 
from here.Supreme Court wanted CBI,the premier investigating agency of the
country to send their report to them on the alleged Coal Scam .That means the CBI 
should make independent inquiry and send their report to Supreme Court in a sealed cover. 
Instead, they were summoned by the Law Minister in the pretext of correcting the  
grammar made significant changes to the report.Apart from the Country's Law 
minister,the officials of Coal ministry & PMO were also there. Is it proper? Does  this act does not  amount to contempt of Court?.

The Attorney General and the Additional Solicitor General earlier told the court that they have not seen or shared  the status report with any political executive. Later it 
was known to be otherwise.The question arises why they, being top law officers in  the country act like this ?.

The Law Minister should not wait till the supreme Court passes strictures against 
CBI for showing the report and allowing changes to be made.The Law Minister 
should also not take shelter saying the top court pulled up only CBI and not him..
He is holding a high Law office in the country and should be a role model for future generation to follow.

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