Saturday, April 27, 2013

                                                                     CONTAIN THE DRAGON

The Chinese incursion into Indian territory upto 19 kms poses great challenge to India. The response of government of India is lukewarm and weak.Probably the UPA II government is still in the Nehruvian era  where we did not see the writing on the wall and the Chinese attacked us in 1962. We lost many soldiers and the Chinese has  occupied our territory also.

The External Affairs Minister will be visiting China  during the first week of May and will be meeting the top political leaders and we hope that he impresses them to withdraw their forces to their original positions.There seems to be a strategic plan by China to encircle India  and emerge as a super power in Asia.Though we donot have such ambitions,but we should not allow ourselves to be bullied constantly. If need be, we have to play Tibetan card and also discuss with Japan,Vietnam & Taiwan where Chinese have problems.We have to upgrade our diplomatic efforts to match the Chinese actions even in international forums. Further, the bilateral trade between India & China is to the advantage of China.May be, we can even review the trade which may send a strong message to China. Even China plays the economic & Trade card with USA as China is the biggest investor in US Bonds.

Ultimately, all our actions have to be focussed on making China realise that we cannot be taken for granted as we are more than a billion people and our market is very big.We donot want war with any country but it should not be taken as our weakness.

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