Friday, March 15, 2013



Popat Rao Pawar, VillageHead of Hiware Bazaar in Ahmednagar district  was instrumental in transforming his village from drought struck  poverty ridden village to one of the best models for India to replicate. How he did it ?.

The first thing Pawar did was to get rid of the 22 illicit liquor dens,ban consumption of liquor altogether,ban tobacco & gutka.

Then he inspired the villagers to pitch in to build dams and dig ponds to store the little rain that came in.This new water management system helped immensely as the wells soon filled,allowing farming to begin with fields becoming lush and green.Now the villagers look content with their monthly per capita income crossed Rs.30,000 and in a village of 235 families and 1250 individuals,there are 60 millionaires. In 1995,there were 168 BPL families in the village,now there are only 3 families who live below poverty line and the village is now working to help them improve their income with hopes that in next year, no villager will be poor.

This village has shown that if there is good leadership and strong will,anything can be achieved.

Source: Yahoo news India.

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