Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Mr.K.C.Venugopal was travelling 
to Kochi on Delhi-Kochi-Thiruvanathpuram  Air India flight on January,4.
To His surprise he found almost  23 seats vacant and earlier he was denied a 
seat due to non availability of tickets .He has requested the airline to conduct  
an enquiry.The fare for Delhi-Kochi-Trivandrum flight on that day was Rs.30,000/-. 
May be,as this route is a busy route,the passengers could have been diverted    
to the private airline.It could be the computer error too.But a formal enquiry will  
bring out the truth. When Air India is bleeding,it is time that the ministry of civil 
aviation and Air India put their systems in place to run the airline properly and profitably.  
The Air India Chairman and the Board should be made accountable and there  
should not be any bureaucratic interference in the functioning of the 
airline.When Indian Railways with large network can function effectively ,I donot know why Air India cannnot function effectively?.
Source:Yahoo News-India.

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