Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mr.H.S.Upendra Kamath,CMD along with Mr.K.Ramadas Shenoy,ED .

*The Total Business Mix increased by 12%.
*Deposits increased by 9%.
*Advances increased by 16%.
*Interest Income increase  by 7.5%
*Income on Investment by 13%.
*Capital adequacy(Basel II)at 11.75%.

*Net profit increased to Rs.126.73 crores.

Total Deposits:Rs.89,315 crores,     Advances : Rs.65,005 crores. CASA Deposits: Rs.18,694 crores.
Gross NPA     :2.91%                        Net NPA  : 1.71%.  Cost of Deposit: 8.07%.

Addressing the media,Mr.Upendra Kamath,Chairman of the bank said,"it will take two more quarters to improve the cost of deposits as the bank has to shed some more Certificate of deposits and bulk deposits which are at present at 29.97% and hopes to bring it down to 15% by March,2013."
Guidance for March,2013:
# Bank aims to reach a Business Mix of Rs.1,65,000 crores.
# Special emphasis on improving the fee based/non interest income .
# Constant vigil on stressed assets,further slippages and more effort on NPA accounts.


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