Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mr.Rohan Bopanna with Mr.H.G.Raghunath

Titan Industries Limited,a joint venture between Tata group and the Tamilnadu Industrial Development corporation (TIDCO) commenced operations in 1987.In 1994,Titan industries diversified into jewellery and more recently into 
Perception Eyewear with Titan Eye+.Titan Industries achieved a sales of Rs,8838 
crores in 2011-12 registering a growth of 35% over the previous year.Titan Industries  Limited is the fifth largest watch manufaturer in the world.

Addressing the media,Mr.H.G.Raghunath,CEO-watches & Accessories  Division said,"When we launched the Titan edge in 2002,it was the first time ever that an Indian watch company pushed the boundaries to design and manufacture indigenously the slimmest watch,thereby gaining an
entry into the Guinness Book of world Records.Ten years later,the new generation 
EDGE 2012, is lighter than ever before at 36 gms,by using a skeketal structure 
encased in Titanium- a new age material used in aircrafts & spacecrafts".

The new EDGE collection offers eight styles to choose from and is priced 
between Rs.11995 and Rs.16995.

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