Sunday, August 26, 2012


The coalgate scam ,the offshoot of the CAG report has created a serious deadlock in the Parliament.The coalgate is a serious problem affecting the country as it appears  the country's wealth is distributed to few private people who are sitting pretty on the national wealth.The ruling party's argument that the earlier NDA government allotted the coal blocks without auction and they followed the same policy by allotting 142 blocks .Further, the government says that few BJP ruled states have objected to the auction  and hence they did not go through the auction route while allotting the coal blocks. These arguments appear strange . In addition, the Finance minister Mr.P.Chidambaram declared that as no coal was mined and is still in the mother earth,there is no loss to the exchequer  which is not convincing.The allottees of the coal blocks did not mine as there were environmental  issues. I wonder what Mr.Chidambaram would have said if  the allottees started mining coal. Whatever may be the rhetoric, the government has to answer few inconvenient questions. The least the government could do is to cancel the allotments and call for auction and allot the coal blocks in more transparent and remunerative way .

The responssibility lies with the government to break the impasse in the Parliament  as it is the duty of the government to see that the parliament functions smoothly.

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