Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Air India Pilots have  ended the 58 day strike after the intervention of the court.The country lost about Rs.600 crores due to the strike.Who should be made accountable for the loss?.The government,the Air India Management and the pilots should be made responssible for the inconvenience caused to the public.This strike has posed few vital questions.They are:
1. Is Air India still relevant in the country.?.
2. Does the merger of Indian Airlines with Air India is a mistake?.
3. Is the backseat driving by the government (both politicians and 
    bureaucrats  included ) is the cause of this mess?.
4. Are the unions and Indian Pilots Guild in Air India has become 
5. What is the role of  Parliamentary Committee on Civil Aviation 
     Ministry in the whole episode?.

Now,it is time for  taking few serious decisions like demerger of Indian Airlines from Air India and privatisation of Air India like Luftansa,Air France etc.By privatisation I mean like in Banks where the government still holds controlling interest.The government can hold 51%  and the remaining 49% can be offered to public by an IPO.

The airlines should be free from the government (both politicians and bureaucrats ) control and it should be run professionally. Is this asking too much?.

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