Sunday, January 29, 2012


Total Business reaches Rs.1,37,594 crores - up by 28%.
Total Advances reaches Rs.55,838 crores- up by 28.16%.
Total Deposits reaches Rs.81,756 crores - up by 28.34%.
Interest income on advances for the quarter increased by 51.40%.
Net Profit for the quarter is Rs.124.27 crores after making provision of Rs.111 crores
towards Non performing Assets and Rs.39 crores towards diminution of the value of certain borrowal accounts due to restructuring.

CD Ratio of the bank is 68.2%.
Capital adequacy (Basel II) at 12.39%.
Total Number of branches is 1265 and total ATM's is 669.

Guidance for the Year ending March,2012.

* Total Business to reach Rs.1,44,000 crores.
* Total branches to be opened during the year is 100,out of which 65 branches
already opened and the balance 35 branches before March,2012.Total ATM's for
the year is 200,out of which184 ATM's already installed and balance 16 will be
installed before March, 2012.
* Emphasis on increasing fee based income by focussing on marketing of
bancassurance products and other avenues like credit syndication.
* Take advantage of the market dynamics and improve yield on investments.

Addressing the media Mr.H.S.Upendra Kamath,CMD of the bank said ," given the delinquency and restructuring of certain large borrowal accounts, the numbers posted for the quarter ended December,2011 are considered reasonable and the bank has taken strategic steps for ensuring sustained growth". The recent reduction 0.5% in CRR by Reserve Bank Of India has enabled the bank with an additional liquidity of Rs.390 crores as lendable surplus.

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