Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scrip to watch- INFOSYS-3rd quarter results-as on Dec,2011.
The share of INFOSYS fell on the day of the result to close at Rs.2585. But according to the company,they have done well in 3rd quarter of 2011-12.They expect the growth to improve in FY-13.The company has added 49 new clients for the 3rd quarter,out of which 6 are Fortune 500 companies.The depreciation of rupee to an extent of 11% in the 3rd quarter has also helped the company.As the currency movement will be volatile in the last quarter of this year and the rupee may be hovering around Rs.52\-,the company will be benefited

If the environment remains stable,the company may do better,but spending by clients may be choppy..
The Graph:Courtesy -Businessline.

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