Tuesday, December 13, 2011


TTK Services, a member of the Rs.2250 crores TTK Group of companies aims to change the way people search for homes.This portal is the first of its kind in India that provides unbiased information coupled with hassle free online experiences to customers for their property needs.

Addressing the media,Mr.T.T.Jagannathan,Chairman TTK group said,"The key to success in the businesses we run,has been innovation.We firmly believe this new addition(Home Shikari) will literally change the way people search for homes.There are definite plans for expanding the service across India.We should be looking at a roll out into other cities in fiscal year 2012-13."

The Home Shikari portal is an interactive platform that is expected to help people searching for homes to buy or rent make informed choices based on their specific needs and preferences and also help home owners showcase their residential properties to the right audience.

Listing at the portal is free for the first 3 months as a special launch offer.charges will apply from there onwards as given below:

Listing fee: Rs.750/ per month.
Verification of documents fees: Rs.1000/- (one time fees)
Value added services:Fees will vary according to the specific service.


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