Sunday, December 4, 2011



Value life more than its accessories like your job,prestige,money and entertainment.We should not destroy life.It is a sacred gift to us.committing suicide is like removing a jacket when you are cold.It is such a foolish act.We are born here to realise that we are above pain and pleasure.If we donot learn this lesson,we have to come here again to learn it.

One cannot run away from situations.Rather, face the tough situation boldly and courageously.Know that this world loves you,people love you.Don't decide on the act of suicide by looking at a few people who are not favourable to you.

Know that there are many people more miserable than you and they need your help.Remember that you have a purpose and you are needed by the world around you.God is with you.His love and grace are always with you.Surrender your problems and misery to Him and walk upright.

Sri Sri Ravishankar,Spiritual leader and Founder,Art Of Living foundation.
Courtesy:The Times of India.

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