Saturday, November 12, 2011


The Kingfisher Airlines is in a financial mess which is their own doing.The airlines and their promoters got their business strategies wrong and for this why should Indian tax payer bear the brunt.The government does not think twice while increasing the petrol prices and donot care for the suffering of the poor and middle class people.But they are quick to talk to the banks for bailing out the airlines.

Only 3% of the people in the country travel by air and the rest travel either by train or by road.Hence, the government should concentrate on improving the infrastructure of railways and the roads.The promoters of Kingfisher airlines i.e Mr.Vijay Mallya has a very prosperous liquor business as he is the king of good times.The promoters of the airlines knows that the banks/Public have a huge financial exposure in the airlines and hence,the airlines has become the liability of the banks and the public.Mr.Vijay Mallya is busy investing his money in F1 car racing and investing in IPL.It is reported that the promoters of Kingfisher airlines have already gone back on the commitments they made when the banks made debt restructuring last December. Hence, the government should not force the banks to bail out the airlines.

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