Friday, August 19, 2011


The Jan Lok Pal bill suggested by Anna Hazare and his team is good when compared to the government Lok pal bill.If the government is serious in curbing corruption,they can sit with Anna's team and sort out the difference and come out with a good Lok Pal Bill which can curb corruption.

Further, the senior Ministers in the government say that the parliament is Supreme and they only can make laws.Though only Parliament can make laws as per the constitution,it is not supreme.

Only the Constitution is supreme as the constitution is given by the People for themselves.The first sentence of the Constitution says," we the people of India give the constitution for ourselves".Parliament especially the lower house Viz: Lok Sabha is represented by the people of the country.The Parliament along with the Judiciary and the Executive are the creatures of the Constitution and hence nobody is supreme when compared to other creatures of the constitution.Parliament enacts laws as they represent the mood and the will of the people,Judiciary interprets the laws made by the parliament and judge whether the laws made by the parliament are in tune with the constitutional provisions.the executive implements the laws made by the parliament.

In the case of the Jan Lok Pal Bill,the government has not judged the mood and the will of the people.

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