Saturday, June 25, 2011


The Unique Identity Authority of India(UIDAI) set by government of India to provide identification to every resident of the country has roped in the services of the postoffice under the scheme AADHAAR.

The mandate of Unique Identification of Authority of India is to provide a Unique identification number to every citizen of the country.This involves:
1 # capture demographic &biometric data of each& every resident of the country.
2. # Generating a unique identification number of each resident of the country.
3. # Printing a communication carrying the Unique identification number
addressed to each resident.
4. # Delivery of this communication to the resident by the post office.
5. # Updation of resident's data on a periodic basis.

India post is one of the registrar to UIDAI & has signed a memorandum of understanding with UIDAI.About 236 Post offices are identified to carry out the enrolment process which have been distributed between the two enrolment agencies.Viz.
1. # M/s Team Life Care Company (India) Pvt.Ltd.Srinivasam,#15,I cross pampa lay out,Hebbal Kempapura,bangalore-560024.

2. # M/s Comat technologies(P) Ltd., #333,Nova Miller,Thimmiah Road,Bangalore-560052.

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