Friday, February 18, 2011


I for one played cricket in my younger days though not at higher levels but still a cricket enthusiast but not a fanatic.I love cricket played anywhere by any country and I enjoy the strokes played,balls bowled,best fielding done. I donot join the hype created for the world cup and especially the pressure built on the players.

I laugh at the statements made by few of the so called expert commentators men and women included in TV Channels that ' It cannot be better than this'. What do they mean by it, I ask them. Afterall Cricket is played actively in only 9 countries viz; India,Pakistan,Srilanka,Bangladesh,South Africa,England,Australia,New Zealand and west Indies. Zimbabwe plays off and on.Canada, Ireland,Holland are countries who are not countries playing cricket full time. World Cup means only 9 countries ?.In Football more than 60 countries play.In Hockey world Cup more than 30 countries play. Hence, what are we talking about?.

Please donot create hype. Let cricket be a sport not a business. Let players be mere sportsmen not gods and demi gods. Have we forgotten sportsmen and women like P.T.Usha,Dhanraj Pillai,Vijay Amritraj,Ramanathan krishnan,Host of leading Hockey players,Anand Viswanathan, Michael Ferreira,Prakash Padukone,Gopichand, and many other leading sports stars who brought glory to our country ?.

Money is in India and everyone wants to have the piece of the cake. It is not good for the game.Let Cricket be a Gentleman's game.

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