Saturday, January 8, 2011

AERO INDIA 2011 commences from9th february,2011 to 13th february,2011 at yelahanka Airforce base,Bangalore.
china ,may not be participating in this year's Aero show which is slated to be the biggest in Asia.As india will be the major purchaser of fighter aircrafts for the Indian Airforce, there will be big participants in this Aero show.
The BBMP is taking steps to clear the eateries around the airbase to avoid bird hit as many sophisticated air machines will be on display. As the air show will be from 9AM to 6 PM, it is advisable if the authorities take steps to operate domestic flights from HAL airport during this period. However, the International flights can take off and land anytime after 6 PM from BIAL.

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