Friday, November 19, 2010


Narayana Nethralaya,Bangalore today launched OptiLASIK laser vision correction which is a global launch.

OptiLASIKTM laser vision correction is able to give many patients excellent results because of the technology behind it. Dr.Rohit shetty Vice chairman of the Narayana Nethralaya uses the Alcon WaveLight Refractive Suite laser system to create a very optimised treatment plan of the patients eyes that serves as a guide during surgery.

Infact,after surgery,patients who were participants in the clinical trial for FDA approval of the Wavelight laser saw as well as or even better than, they did with glasses or contact lenses.93 % of nearsighted patients saw 20\20 or better1 and 83% of farsighted patients saw 20\25 or better2. To realise the unique vision potential, one can contact Narayana Nethralaya for more details.

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