Sunday, October 24, 2010


Net profit up by 33% to Rs.144.30 crores.

Operating Profit up by 26.46%.

Net interest Income up by 33.56%.

Net Interest margin at 3.16%.

Return on assets at 0.81%.
Gross NPA is at 2.44% and Net NPA is at 1.32%
Capital adequacy ratio is at 14.25% (Basel-II)

Vijaya Bank is on steady growth path and its aggregate business is at Rs.1,02,473 crores. Deposits at Rs.62,668 crores and Advances at Rs.39,805 crores.

Addressing the media,Mr.Albert Tauro,Chairman and Managing Director of the bank said that," Improved margins were mainly as a result of higher yield on advances(10.20%) and lower cost of deposits (5.64%)".

The bank has a network of 1173 branches and 481 ATM's under 100%CBS set up.

Guidance for March,2011.

A business level of rs.1,26,000 crores envisaging 205 growth. Containment of gross NPA within 2% and net NPA within 1%.

Opening of 100 additional branches and 250 additional ATM's.

Ms.Subhalakshmi Panse,Executive Director of the bank was also present in the Press meet.

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