Wednesday, June 23, 2010

LENOVO launched 12 youthful and zesty products in the consumer segment. The main attraction is the Z series note books-Lenovo Ideapad z460 and Lenovo ideapad Z560 that offer mainstream performace and multimedia features at affordable prices. in addition to the z series of PC's the new models included the top of the line multimedia notebooks Lenovo Ideapad Y460 and Lenovo ideapad Y560,the highly mobile and attractively designed notebooks Lenovo ideapad S10-3's 'Moon' and 'Wind',the super -efficient space saving desktop Lenovo H320,an entire slew of sleek and space efficient All in one PC's-Lenovo ideacentre A300,lenovo ieacentre B500,lenovo Ideacentre B300 and Lenovo C200.Thinkpad Edge (in 14" &15' display),Lenovo B460 and Lenovo V460. Their strategy is PROTECT the Strengths and ATTACK the oppurtunities.

Lenovo has major research centres in Yamato-japan,Beijing,Shanghai and Shenzen in China and Raleigh,North carolina. They also have a manufacturing facility in Pondicherry,in India.Their market share has increased from 4.2% last year to 7.2% this year.

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