Monday, May 24, 2010


Mr.N.D Tiwari,Managing Director of Jungle lodges & Resorts announced that the company has completed 30 years of its existence. To commemorate the success of the company, an event will be organised on 28th May,2010.

Starting from a single resort at Kabini,today,JLR runs 13 resorts across the state with 5 more locations to be opened up in the near future.

List of upcoming New projects of Jungle Lodges & Resorts.

1.Resort at Vilaspur,Bidar.
2.Eco resort at Talalalale,Jog.
3.Eco Tourism Facility at Hampi.
4.Eco Resort at pilikula and Nissargadhama.
5.Eco resort at Khanapur,Belgaum.
6.Night safari at Bannerghatta,Bangalore .
7.Eco resort at Yagachi,Japan.

On other developments, Mr.Tiwari said that JLR will be among the elite few in the world which will own and operate the exotic night safari project. Further, few states Viz.Andamans, Jammu & Kashmir,Maharashtra,and orissa have also approached JLR to offer consultancy services.

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