Friday, February 12, 2010


One of the most dispensable habits still prevalent in India is that of using our hands to Add Imageclean after our daily bowel movement.The very act of touching the excreta\faecal matter with our hands is the most dangerous practice and immediately exposes us to the spread of some of the most dreaded diseases on earth viz;hepatitis,Typhoid,Cholera,Diarrhea,Gastroenteritis etc.

As per a recent research done by Global hygiene Council,only 27% of Indians wash their hands with just water after completing the cleaning process after toilet. A small percentage of these use soap but the soap cannot clean more than 50% of these germs ( Source: Hospice Epidemiology Infection Control Manual,2nd edition 1999).

Today modern technology has a simple and affordable solution to these problems.It is called Attachable Bidets.
The various range of Attachable Bidets is introduced by M/s Mansha Enterprises, a Singapore based Company promoted by Mr.Lovell Khanna and Ms.Jasmine Khanna in 2003. Mr.Lovell khanna,CEO of the Company is a BITS Pilani graduate and an MBA from IIM,Kolkata. He has over 35 years of experience in managing both Indian & Overseas Companies.

The company has an office in Bangalore also.The website of the company is

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