Monday, February 8, 2010


In another 48 hours The Minister for Environment will be announcing his decision whether to introduce BT Brinjal in the country.There are two sets of arguments in favour by Bio Technology Scientists and against by NGO's and activists for introduction of BT Brinjal in the country. The majority of the states are opposed to introduction of BT Brinjal

BT Brinjal is a GM Crop and the scientists argue that the farmers will get higher yield and they need not use the pesticides. The Activists argue that the BT Brinjal may cause harm to our health and the Genetically Modified brinjal may in the long run eliminate our different varieties of brinjal numbering more than 2000 from our country.

But one thing is certain,the BT Brinjal is genetically engineered variety and the moot question is whether we require that when we have already more than 2000 varieties and grown plenty in the country.

As introduction of BT Brinjal as a crop is an agriculture subject,I donot know why Mr. Jairam Ramesh who is an Environment Minister should make an announcement instead of Mr.Sharad Pawar who is the Minister of Agriculture.

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