Wednesday, January 20, 2010


BIHAR TUBES Ltd., was incorporated in 1986 and is a leading manufacturer and exporter of steel pipes & Tubes,hot dipped & pregalvanised steel tubes,fence tubes,structural steel pipes.
The company is also one of the leading suppliers of hollow section steel tubes to industries like urban infrastructure namely airports,metro,crash barriers,offices and entertainment complexes.

The company inaugurated their new facility in Hosur in tamilnadu and was inaugurated by Mr.S.C.Kalia,Executive Director of Union Bank of India, the company's sole banker.This facility is being built at a cost of Rs.100 crores with capacity of 2,00,000 tpa and will meet the growing demand for steel tubes in the southern market.

Bihar tubes has three plants in the country with an aggregate capacity of 2,00,000 tpa spread over three plants,two near delhi and one near Begaluru.The company has now total manufacturing capacity of 4,00,000 tpa upto a size of 12 inches .The new facility at Hosur has been built with latest machinery from Japan.

Mr.Sanjay Gupta,Managing Director of the company said that,"they are working on developing several products catering to the newer applications in airports,metro network and green houses".

Bihar tubes Ltd., is a listed company ,in BSE. The equity capital of the company is Rs.20.29 crores. The financial figures as on 31.03.2009 is as follows:
( crores)
Net sales: Rs.519.36,Net profit:2.54,Reserves: 145.73
The EPS is Rs.4.06,the Book value Rs.83\- The company has declared an interim dividend of 10% by the Board of Directors and the date fixed as record date is:20.01.2010.

For the nine month period ending December,2009, the company has reported net sales of Rs.419.63 crores and net profit of Rs.26.5 crore.The media briefing was done by Mr.Aniq Husain,Director of the company

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