Thursday, January 28, 2010


The grand extravaganza put forth by the government of Karnataka at Hampi is worth applauding. But there is a feeling that the locals are neglected as they are not involved in the celebrations.

We understand that the government has spent Rs.5 crores only on the main stage i.e Sri krishnadevaraya vedike.We met some of the tourists mostly from abroad. They are enthusiastic and awe struck by seeing the monuments and they expressed their unhappiness about the infrastructure as they are fleeced at every stage.The foreign tourists and domestic tourists coming from outside karnataka were at sea as they were not able to understand the programme as it was printed only in kannada.It would have been better if the government had printed the programes in English also for the benefit of foreign tourists and tourists coming form all over the country.

Hampi is our national heritage and we have to preserve this at any cost. The glorious Vijayanagar empire reminds us how the King krishnadevaraya treated his subjects and how the people lived happily.

Photos: Courtesy from Internet.

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