Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In a significant breakthrough ,scientists at Indus Biotech Private limited,announced to the media that their drug candidate INDO2 will act as HIV controller. Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran,MD of the company said " that the HIV patients can well live out their normal life span with the disease,without the concerns of high cost of treatment or the dramatic shortening of their life span". He further went on to say that today,1 in 300 HIV patients is a natural "HIV Controller".who is able to block the progression of the disease by managing the virus and protecting the immune cells.INDO2 is drug candidate that is an 'enabler' that converts the HIV patient to a HIV Controller.

Mr.Bhaskaran mentioned that the economics of this therapy is affordable and called it as ' a first world cure at third world cost". The company has already conducted an approved clinical study in humans where the drug has demonstrated its promise says Mr.Bhaskaran.

Indus Biotec Private Limited was established in 1997 and based in Pune.The company was founded by Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran, and Mr.Rajan srinivasan,both IIT engineers.The company says it has completed a pre-IND meeting with US FDAfor its drug candidate for HIV (No.IND 102862) and presently working with Indian FDA for phase-III clinical trials prior to approval for its drug candidate for influenza and HIV.

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